2 thoughts on “Cultural Hurdles Limit Medical Care For LGBTs

  1. I am so very proud of my grandson. He is awesome! I only wish I lived closer and was more aware of just what he was going through while still in high school. I pity those people who are so ignorant of just how amazing LBGT teenagers are.

  2. I am currently in a MSN program and proposing a training program for health care providers regarding the treatment of LGBT individuals. I am also the mother of a 25 year old transgender daughter who took her own life on August 4th, 2017. I am very aware of the struggles, discrimination, access, and quality problems associated with health care faced by LGBT individuals. Although this article is two years old, I am so happy to see the issue being addressed. Hopefully, the time has come where the development of health improvement initiatives for this vulnerable population will be viewed as a priority among those employed in the health care industry. Thank you for writing about this important topic.