Myriad Genetics Prequel Prenatal Screening Tests: Allegedly Incorrect Most Of The Time

Myriad Genetics claims its Prequel Prenatal Screening tests are almost 100 percent accurate in determining if a fetus has potential serious medical or mental issues. But a February California federal lawsuit claims that in 85 percent of the time, the tests result in false positive results in parents facing the possibility that they should end the pregnancy or undergo painful follow-up tests. “As a result of these false positive screenings, women are forced to undergo the very invasive testing that Defendant claims its Tests help women avoid, including amniocentesis and CVS,” the suit says. Read more of this column here.  

Seniors Could Face Challenges Obtaining At-Home COVID Tests

For some people getting the free COVID tests from the mailman will be relatively easy. But for some of the millions of seniors on Medicare, and those on disability, there will be more challenges. The 500 million free tests are scheduled to start being delivered at the end of January. Those who are computer savvy, or live by themselves, only need to access to order four free tests. To finish reading this article, click here.

Shingles Vaccine: Important After Age 50

You might be tired of being lectured about getting vaccinated against Covid, but I’m going to suggest you consider another vaccine – for shingles. If you are older than 50, your chance of getting shingles is much higher than catching Covid. I wasn’t familiar with shingles until two acquaintances got it and their symptoms were terrible, each had it on their face and suffered from it for months. Go here to read the rest of this story on

Supplemental, Original Or Advantage — Which Is Best Medicare For You?

If you are at least 65 years or older, you’re probably being inundated with letters, postcards and TV ads urging you to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, switch plans or keep the one you have. The reason for the advertising blitz is because Medicare recipients have the annual window of opportunity from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7 to take those actions. If you have Medicare, it is an excellent opportunity to review your health plan to make sure you have the best coverage considering your health condition, age, and location.

How To Save Money On Prescription Drugs? Use Internet Pharmacies

While politicians and big pharma fight about whether or how to lower our drug prices, Americans have many alternatives they can use to greatly reduce their cost for medicine. The best way to save money on prescriptions is by using the internet. The easiest way is to use GoodRx. You need to use both the GoodRx smart phone app as well as its internet version. Recently, the GoodRx app did not list the average retail prices, but the internet site did.

Colonoscopy or FIT? Doctors Disagree

Until recently, doctors in America urged most of their patients – starting at age 50 – to undergo a colonoscopy to detect colon cancer. But that is no longer the case. Many are now recommending that testing start at 45, unless a family history or health issue warranted a test at an earlier age. And there are good reasons why those much younger should take an inexpensive at-home test which one can buy for $24.99 on Amazon without a prescription. Colon cancer is increasing in younger people.

Americans Can Purchase Drugs From Canada

It’s not widely known, but millions of Americans are importing Canadian drugs, in many cases saving a fortune. All these pharmacies require is a written prescription from your doctor, limited to 100 days supply at a time. Americans purchase their medicine through U.S companies that serve as middlemen like Canada Med Services, based in Sarasota, Florida, the company I use. To continue reading, go to