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All The Secrets of Viagra Uncovered: Tips to Understand How it Works And Prices

Here are the main topics of this article, which we will explain in details:

  • What Are The Prices?
  • How to Compare Prices?
  • How Much Does It Cost In The Pharmacy?
  • Why Is This Viagra So Expensive?
  • Some Tips To Save Your Money.
  • Is It Covered By Insurance?
  • How Is Viagra Affecting Health?
  • Summary.

We are taking care of our readers, so in this article are included useful and reliable tips and products. With all our expert team we take care to guide you through researches and all evaluations just before giving you any recommendations on this website. Ensuring the safety information is a must for us, very important.

This diligent process involves many stages of studying:

  • Evaluation of ingredients, compositions. Researching if the products have any of potential to cause side effects and harm.
  • A real fact-checking. Yes, we are verifying all the claims by product manufacturers.
  • We are always assessing the brand, looking through its reputation, getting sure it adheres to industry best practices.

What Are The Prices?

A well-known brand Viagra is a medication containing sildenafil and is worldwide prescribed by doctors to help with erectile dysfunction (ED) problems. The pricing for Viagra sometimes is high and can start around $80 per dose. However, you should know that there's also a more affordable generic version called sildenafil, and here the price may be more pleasant, starting with only $2 per dose.

How to Compare Prices?

The pricing of drugs in the U.S. is a complex stuff, influenced by many factors. For such a long time Viagra brand held the oral erectile dysfunction pill market, that is because every drug company has the right to exclusively supply the new developed product for years. That is why no competition between other brands exist.

The periods of exclusivity like this can last like 20 years in a raw, which gives a huge profit to company investments. And also, there are pricing restrictions for the drugs from private companies, and that affects the pricing pretty much.

Pfizer is manufacturing Viagra, so the price consists of research costs, manufacture itself, distribution and packaging, also advertising.

But when the patent of Viagra in Pfizer has expired, it gave the road to other companies to sell generic Sildenafil for a very reasonable price, significantly lower. FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) was stating the price drop by almost 89% with the appearance of more new generic versions back in 2019. More than that, other companies do not have to repeat all over again the researching clinical tests, which makes the price even lower.

But since doctors think that the original version of Viagra is still more effective than generic drugs, which is shown in the research from 2020, Viagra prices stayed the same, without decreasing for competition match. And another research from 2021 showed that people would rather buy expensive original Viagra. However, the participants admitted that generics were safe enough.

Some Tips To Save Your Money.

First of all you can always choose the generic version of Viagra, it will for sure save your money.

Generic Sildenafil has absolutely the same ingredient list and often comes in the same dosage. It might be cheaper and faster, than obtaining it with a prescription from your doctor. Also, many companies sometimes are offering a discount for new customers. But remember to buy this kind of medication from licensed pharmacists, with official approval of National Assosiation of Boards of Pharmacy.

  Viagra Sildenafil
Optum Store 25, 50, and 100 mg: from $79 per dose • 25 mg: from $5 per dose based on 10 doses
CVS • 25 mg: $178 per 2 tablets
• 50 mg: $177 per 2 tablets
• 100 mg: $180 per 2 tablets
• 25 mg: $43.75 per 2 tablets
• 50 mg: $43.80 per 2 tablets
• 100 mg: $30.97 per 2 tablets
Walmart • 25 mg: $176 per 2 tablets
• 50 mg: $175 per 2 tablets
• 100 mg: $178 per 2 tablets
• 25 mg: $7.65 per 2 tablets
• 50 mg: $7.73 per 2 tablets
• 100 mg: $7.68 per 2 tablets
Lemonaid the company does not offer Viagra no dose information, starting at $3 per tablet
Target • 25 mg: $180 per 2 tablets
• 50 mg: $179 per 2 tablets
• 100 mg: $178 per 2 tablets
• 25 mg: $33.37 per 2 tablets
• 50 mg: $29.85 per 2 tablets
• 100 mg: $30.98 per 2 tablets
Rex MD • 50 mg: $91 per dose
• 100 mg: $91 per dose
• 25 mg: $11 per dose
• 50 mg: $11 per dose
• 100 mg: $13 per dose
Hims available in 25, 50, and 100 mg, starting at $138 per dose • 25 mg: $5 per dose
• 50 mg: $6 per dose
• 100 mg: $11 per dose

Is It Covered By Insurance?

Sometimes pharma companies offer Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs), which might help you to cover the price of Viagra, to make it more affordable. Pharmaceuticals can give drug prescriptions to those without medical insurance with a much lower price directly on the phone, or website. But keep in mind that sometimes PAP forms need a signature of your health provider.

We have good news, if you have a private health insurance – it may cover a part of generic sold in pharmacies, but not the real Viagra cost. 

How Is Viagra Affecting Health?

There was a research in 2022 which shows the effectiveness of both Viagra and Sildenafil are safe to use for Erectile Dysfunctions, even for people older than 76 years. But before you go for this medication please note this side effects:

  1. Heartburn
  2. Headaches
  3. Muscle pain
  4. Nose bleeding
  5. Feet and hands sensibility
  6. Diarrhea
  7. Light change of vision
  8. Burning.

 This medicine is not always helping and might not be suitable for everyone. Please stop using Viagra if:

  1. You are allergic to any of ingredients.
  2. If you have now, or had before a heart attack.
  3. If you have very low blood pressure.

Contact your health provider immediately if you have such symptoms: burning or itching sensations while urinating, sudden loss of vision, dizziness, short breath, pain in the chest, erection lasting for more than 4 hours.


To sum it all up, as you understood, Viagra is prescribed for ED. To get this prescription you have to visit the health provider, pharmacies in your city, or get in contact with telehealth companies. The price may depend on a chose dose, and the company of generic provider. Remember that you can always get generics with a discount with PAPs coupons, for example amoxil 500mg, or the original and more effective Viagra. It is your choice; we just hope that we answered all your questions in this article. Take care!

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