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  1. My husband and I own several rental properties in CT. I was notified by three of my tenants that they have been laid off. Their all good tenants and I’m aware the rents will be late. Meanwhile my husband and I are both on SSI. Our monthly income is derived from SSI and our rent checks. Is there any help for landlords that have to pay taxes, insurance, property maintenance and repairs.

  2. Has anyone determined how many people have recovered from the covid19 virus?

    Does the Connecticut government know these numbers?

    If so, why are they not releasing them?

    We have to have at least 1 known recovery, most likely a significant more, since our first known case.

    Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated

  3. Is there a limit to how many people one can have on their property (outdoors, social distancing) or indoors (if weather requires) after May 20? My daughter is getting married and has had to cancel the church wedding/reception/honeymoon. While they will still exchange vows on May 24, I’d like to invite about 20 people to my home for a celebration of sorts. We will be outdoors unless it rains.

  4. I am an owner of a tattoo studio in CT. I am not a “voice” of the tattoo industry but will say that the Tattooists across the state are justified in their anger over the delayed re-opening of their businesses. Professional tattoo shops have been operating using CDC guidelines ( sanitation,sterilization, prevention of cross contamination, and use of universal precautions) since 1980…40 YEARS ! We are all OSHA certified and licensed by the State of CT. Most tattoo shops are low volume, appointment only and have been for years. The only change necessary will be artists and clients being masked. I can only presume that stereotype and/or an incredible lack of information has caused the Reopening board to overlook us.

  5. I do not understand the numbers by counties. Is the initial # those hospitalized, and the second the deaths. Do we have any numbers with those folks who had the virus but didn’t need to be hospitalized,or: were sick but stayed home and recovered.

  6. The first county number is cases, and the second number is county deaths. Of the cases, some are hospitalized but others recover at home. A more detailed breakdown is not provided. But after weeks of hospitalizations increasing, they are now dropping each day.
    The state does supply a community-by-community breakdown of cases, which is updated daily.That’s available at the link provided in the story.

  7. In my opinion, I think opening up all these places with mass amount of people will spread infection. What’s more important, lives or state taxes. When this virus hits your family like it did to so many I would hope that all you government people will sit back and take a slower approach.

  8. Masks are not 100% effective. And tattoos require poking someone with needles, correct? What if someone doesn’t disclose they aren’t feeling well? Doesn’t seem like a stretch to see how a tattoo parlor could easily spread infection in a small group which would increase exponentially from there. Hair salons are still closed, but tattoos are more safe somehow? I don’t really think we should be reopening anything at this point. If you’re so angry, you can move to Wisconsin or Alabama where you can infect whomever you please.

  9. The issue isn’t state taxes. It is lives vs. lives. Many of us have no other livelihood than to operate our business and serve our customers. We are highly motivated to make sure everyone is safe and healthy as our #1 priority and we will do all in our power to operate safely. This is not a mass opening, this is careful, with precautions, many many hours invested in planning, and still grossly negative income, but at least we can pay some expenses, and buy a little more time for our families also. Safe reopening has been demonstrated in a number of places now ahead of CT. Business owners that I know are all paranoid and over-cautious to do this extremely carefully, above and beyond state guidance, sharing practices, innovating, and learning from those ahead in other states. Many businesses and livelihoods will be gone and not coming back, and will entail significant life consequences for months and years.

  10. A slower approach will ruin this country. Stop listening to the liberal media. We are Americans. The Dems are dying to take away all of our personal rights. They would be happy to see the quarantine go on indefinitely. Their goal is to have a mail in election in November. I wonder why? Oh, because it easier to commit voter fraud? Hmmm… I wonder when “someone” will take this post down.

  11. When will nursing home be open i have not seen my 92 year old mother in 3 months. Please open them

  12. You feel we shouldn’t be opening anything at this point? You are definitely drinking the Kool-Aid! “If you so angry you can move to Wisconsin or Alabama and infect whomever you please” Sorry comrade for upsetting you, but this is still American. If you feel so strongly about this virus (where surviving it is 99.8%) please move down to your basement, lock the door and let people live their lives. Let freedom ring. Oh…. Maybe the CDC should stop padding the virus death toll. Fear is a great way to control people.

  13. Many states have reopened a while back and are fine. Stop listening to the mass hysteria from the media and the left. Don’t tell me….”but if we open it will cause 1 more death”….well then maybe no one should leave their homes ever, stay inside, don’t drive a car, don’t ski or hike. Everything has a risk involved. There are peoples lives at stake who own these businesses and many will not re-open if we become some commie dictated state who over rules everything and takes everyone’s freedom away. I love the people who comment…”well move to anther state”. Well guess what, you may get your wish when all those that can move to another state move and all you’re left with is a state the has not jobs and is forced to tax the crap out of everyone to keep it’s doors open because it ruined all the businesses and jobs from over regulation. Then when you loose your state benefits I’m sure your tone will change. Overall I think CT has done well and the businesses have done everything they can but I still think we are moving too slow in opening and if there is a 2nd wave we need a balanced approach that helps the business owner.

  14. Does anyone know about the homeless? Those of us not moved to a motel have been in lockdown and the administration doesn’t look like their letting us out on the 17th

  15. How about people who are at high risk in CT of catching covid 19 who can not go back to work because of their health. And are receiving unemployment. Soon unemployment will be finished . Can they get help with stimulus money untill it is safe for them to be able to go back to work without worrying about getting covid 19. Their so many innocent people out here with this problem. I’m one of them. Im a certified nurse aide and theirs lots of jobs for me. But i can not go back to work because i am at high risk of getting covid 19 because of my health . what kind of help do we get. Please we need a solution right away. It is not fair for us.

  16. It’s sad how the right has made a political issue about a purely scientific one. And if you have so many issues about liberal values, then take your own advice and leave CT, because those values have saved lives. I welcome all opinions and views, even the ones that are clearly, I cannot say wrong, so let me say ignorant and uninformed. You cannot fight an ideological war with a virus, because…it’s a virus. Have some compassion for your fellow human beings, or is that too liberal to ask someone to do? Who you should hold accountable is the blundering national government who has put us this deep in the mud in the first place. Stay healthy and well to all.

  17. Yeah that’s too liberal.. I’ll take care of me, you worry about you…we all gotta die sometime but I won’t do it under a Dem thumb…

  18. Simple math: the total number of CT cases (45,715), minus the number of deaths and still hospitalised (4,251, 150). Equals 41,314 recovered. This shows a mortality rate of 9.3%, bit higher than average, likely due to nursing home rates and unreported cases.

  19. Spoken like a true educated patriot who values the lives and livelihoods of every american! Yes masks help, but still prolonged close exposure with asymptomatic covid customers is a real danger. Just read about the the hundreds of cases of large outbreaks from places like hair salons etc. Thanks to all who are wearing masks! Pls keep urging others. Love thy neighbor.

  20. Does anyone know if schools will reopen in the fall, and if so will we be able to make our normal preparations for college? I’ve heard from a few sources that extracurricular activities and sports may be cancelled, but will that be true for the entire year or only during the fall season? I’m a rising freshman, currently arranging my classes for next year. This response is coming from an apolitical person, so please exclude politics from your answer. Any information is greatly appreciated!

  21. I think we should spend more time at home I am a waitress .We all want to get back to work ,not at a cost of more people dying.4200 PEOPLE LOST THERE LIVES..and that is where we live.Kids our getting it in California.I am not ready to go back..and risk my family’s life. Not a Democrat or Republican. A human being.

  22. Why are illegals getting financial help with rent??? What about the rest of us Ct that are legal.. wth..

  23. Hi where I live most people are wearing mask but I can’t even go into my local Cumberland Farms the employees wear their mask on top of their head like it’s a game buy more than 2 drinks and say you can only get one straw how is this safe?? I think you need to educate these businesses that are open a little more Please it’s Definitely not FAIR to the public these kids think it’s funny but it’s not wait til it affects a loved one of theirs then they might think and put that mask on Please it’s not just for us it’s for them too!!

  24. those deaths are 70 or more frome nursing homes the state is admitting so the general population not at much risk

  25. I want to Tour a assisted Living community to see if it is possible if my Mom could live there. Are Assisted Living in CT allowed to take you in to see the inside with a Mask?

  26. grow up its not about you its about your loved ones and other peoples families you sound like the nutcase that put us in this position in the first place Mr Trump Hitler the worst president in history has made the USA a laughing stock to the world cares more about the stock market and economy then the health and survival of the people who can rebuild America after the destruction the Trump administration has done to America and the economy without healthy people and workers safety first there will be no healthy economy thats why we should keep ct on pause until we have a realistic defense plan that protects us for the log hall and have vaccine that works to more now than ever we need to shutdown and get ready for the second wave thats coming for the worst fall and winter they say it will be since ww2 and the great depression we need to be very careful and smart because if Trump wins it will be are extinction level event and might wipe us off the planet in the next 2 years at the rate its going at we need every defense arsenal to fight this disaster coming in the fall and winter those times will predict where are next big future step either into recovery and rebuilding or complete utter failure and hopeless future ahead with more death and despair and the complete fall of our nation depends on this next massive covid war that will hit us on 2 fronts by fall and we need to be ready and not repeat the disaster Trump did in May with reopen with no plan that works and his death rallies that spreader the virus all over the USA and now were paying dearly for that idiotic damage that he has created for everybody and maid us the laughing stock of the world and banned us from traveling in Europe for along long long time November truly will be the most important time to save are species from total annihilation and the fall of America forever.

  27. Trump is the New Hitler of Modern times and we are the silent new Holocaust that is divided because of his lies and deceit and has made us a complete failure and embarrassment on the world stage of how to destroy a super power and its people from the inside out
    America has two alternate realities. There’s this and there’s Trump rallies
    Trump is the Virus hopefully somebody will pull a JFK on him but this time the bad guy loses not the good one that could have changed the world for good
    Trump killed us all People and ruined America forever the damage is done the worst is yet to come with the more aggressive mutating second wave coming were in big trouble big time specially being so weakens by trumps disaster plan to contain the virus 2 months ago when he had a chance to stop it from getting past 1000, and then opening America at the worst time when the lockdown was starting to work but all cares about is money and the stockmarket Trump is trying to create a pandemic big enough to cancel the election. So he can become dictator.

    Earth and covid 19 is resetting the balance of the damage we’ve done and now we are disappearing at 1 million dead and 14 million infected in 5 months at this rate we won’t be able to keep up in are medical resources at this speed this is are extinction level event getting worse everyday because of major mistakes at a federal and president level thats burying us a deeper and deeper hole that eventually we will reach a point of no return and then its to late

  28. When was this statement made, regarding inside private gatherings, (weddings) staying at 25 people for the foreseeable future? And is there any guidance on dancing or dance floors?

  29. Paul Kelly you are ignorant and have no idea what you are talking about. Trump may be rough around the edges but is no way near Hitler, but those on the far left are. The far left is copying tactics used by Hitler’s elite, as you can see by the destruction of various left-run cities by the minions supported by the left. Trump is standing up for the silent. You apparently are not one of them. I am from a family of immigrants. We ran to the U.S. to escape people like your far left. We are the silent! Rexare por ti.

  30. Educated? You watched a YouTube video about “effectiveness” of so called “masks”. Give me a break. You all mask wearing sheep look pathetic!

  31. Finally I hear some voice of reason! Lamont which is Malloy^4 is insane. Him, Tong, Blumenthal and Murphy just want Trump out of the office. If Biden wins, this country is doomed. You’ll be wearing maska till you die!

  32. I strongly suggest you visit a psychiatrist. Your comparison between Trump and Hitler are more insane than Lamont’s policies. If you wanna know Hitler was a 100% socialist! So your greatest ever Obama and second greatest Biden have more in common with Adolf than you know. But again how can you know that. Educated by the CNN, MSNBC or some leftist college you overpaid while smoking pot, having fun and spend your parents’ money.

  33. Please. For the love of God! Do not call his mental issues a knowledge. This doesn’t make you feel “smart” young lady. Why don’t you start reading books , not internet posts and think for yourself. After All you are a thinking person!

  34. Unfortunately the politicians with absolute no knowledge and common sense decide whether you go to school or not! So after all it is all politics my friend. The very classic of Democracy “uncle Joe” Stalin had said: “it doesn’t matter who casts votes,but those who counts them!”. Good luck.

  35. Why don’t YOU stop ranting n raving at everyone??? That polite AND smart young lady was talking about the ARTICLE. If she was replying to a previous comment, it would’ve been listed inside the commenter’s box. DONT BE SO RUDE!

  36. Paul Wolfe, you need a psychotherapist. There is not hope for you. Pal Kelley is 100% correct about Trump. The damage has been done by Trump, but Trump lovers, just like cult followers, are oblivious to this. With over 1 million Americans dead, that makes the Covid worse than the 800,000 or so Diabetes related deaths from all the fake sugars (High Fructose Corn Syrup) in our sodas. I suffered from Diabetes 2 for 10 years, until I found out that the Corn syrup was killing me and quickly. I moved to the Philippines 5 months and no longer need meds. I drink soda and have sugar with no ill effects., yet Coca Cola and Pepsi still load US sodas with the killer fake sugars. High fructose corn syrup is banned in most countries outside the US. That pandemic is actually worse because it has been going on since the 1970’s.

  37. You do realize that threatening or inciting the death of a sitting president is illegal…right? “Pulling a JFK on him” I am sure the federal government will find your lost quite interesting when they review it
    Whether or not you may think someone is either beneath you or above you does not justify violence or retaliation

  38. Thank you to Bonnie Phillips for much needed information & keeping the dialogue flowing. Keep up the good work. ???

  39. Those 3 question marks at the end of my comment were not put there by me, they should be removed or disregarded. Thank you.

  40. When will Connecticut spas be allowed to do facials again???
    It’s impossible to find ANY guidelines about this!

    New York finally started again last week, I thought CT was following The tri-state guidelines.

  41. Does anyone know the guidelines for having guests in your home for a weekend? They are from another state but not a state for which there is a travel ban.

  42. There are no specific guidelines for out-of-state guests coming from a state that is not on the travel advisory ban. It’s your comfort level, whether or not you want to require they wear masks inside.

  43. Thanks for the post! It’s the best guideline I’ve met, especially, these illustrations about social distances in sport clubs and libraries. You know, in spite of the bad news and disappointing statistics, I believe in science. So many researchers in the world are working on the investigation of COVID treatment. Some of the most surprising researchers I’ve found are made by Israeli scientists: they are exploring whether cannabis also beneficial for treating COVID-19: https://affordablecertification.com/blog/israeli-researchers-study-cannabis-as-possible-covid-19-treatment/

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  45. Nope, he may be dramatic, but he is correct. It didn’t have to be this way. We must be vigilant and we must vote!

  46. You are one sick uneducated person. You don’t belong in our great USA !!Y should just move to another country.God bless America and our great President Trump. He truly loves America and her citizens. Leave just leave!!

  47. Can we please have a correct number of deaths in Connecticut, USA and the number of those that have recovered from the virus, the number that were NOT hospitalized, number that called their Doctor and the number that had the virus but did not fall in the above. Also where did a one million death toll come from? Thank you for any information that can be supplied.
    My understanding of our Govenors requirements that State wearing of masks is required or suggested if social distancing is not not available. Or is it mandated you must do both , and if so how could this be possible in a restaurant every guest must be 6 feet apart. Please someone answer this questions for me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  48. Sandra: Each day our story updates:
    1. The total number of deaths. As of Thursday, Nov. 5 — 4,656
    2. The total number of CASES, which tells you how many have contracted COVID. As of Thursday, Nov. 5 —77,060
    3. The total number of hospitalizations on a daily basis. As of Nov. 5 there were 380 hospitalized.
    The state tracked hospitalizations by day; and not discharges. This website https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/us-map. at John Hopkins have been tracking COVID nationally since the pandemic started.

  49. There is clear ample evidence taking a daily dose of Vitamin D can not only reduce the effects of the corona virus should you get it but potentially prevent the infection from occurring in the first place.

    There is plenty of science now behind this yet government and the medical industry are unwilling to support making this public. Can it be because there is no money to be had selling what amounts to an 8 cent pill?

    Dosages of 10,000IU (= to .25 of 1 gram) for the average adult are required to see any meaningful effect. At these levels you can reach 50 to 60 ng/ml. About the same level of Vitamin D expected with a man who works outside all day in the Summer sun.

    How many people have died needlessly for lack of a simple and cheap daily supplement. So sad. So criminal, really.

  50. Here is what the Cleveland Clinic said about Vitamin D and other supplements: “It’s important to know that nothing has been proven to prevent or cure COVID-19, says infectious disease specialist Kristin Englund, MD. That includes supplements and natural health products. While some vitamins and supplements may make claims about supporting immune health, none have been shown to be effective in fighting COVID-19. The best way to prevent infection is to keep your immune system healthy, maintain a safe distance from others, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.”

  51. That is not entirely accurate, though it is well done and the best we have to go on. Those who have been hospitalised may not have recovered yet and may not at all (of course we pray for the former).
    The other issue being that we don’t know what “recovery” looks like in it’s entirety, Some people who have “recovered” have been affected in ways that might continue for their lives and cause death in later years.
    Whether it is because we don’t have the science to back it, or because the gov/media is not coming out with the inforation, there is still so much we don’t know. 🙁

  52. Can some moderator please scrub the irrelevant, noisy and never new political taunting off the front end of these comments? I almost quit before I got to the actual comments on the subject.

  53. Words right out of Trump’s mouth. No one can tell any American to leave. Joe and Kamala will inherit this disaster that Trump created by being so selfish and not protecting the country.

  54. Hi! I know some restricciones are going on because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, i was wondering if theres any HIV test center open around Norwich, in New London County.
    Many thanks!

  55. The state lists these two testing centers in New London County: William Backus Hospital 326 Washington Street
    Norwich, CT 06360 (860) 823-6343 AND New London Health Department, 120 Broad Street Room 222, New London, CT 06320
    860 447-2437

  56. Paul, no one is responsible for the covid virus. It happened. It’s all over the world. No one person could make it stop.

    Jesus, in Matthew chapter 24, told his disciples that pestilences would happen.in the time of the end, a time just before the Creator of the universe takes actions to end all pestilences, along with all the other word mankind has experienced for the last 6 thousand years. See JW.ORG if you want to know the what the near future will be

  57. The CT Covid Schools data are behind by a significant amount. In my district, the high school went from 0 cases the week of 10/29 to over 25 cases the week of 11/5. And more the following week. But that isn’t showing in the state data; it still says 0 and updated 10/29. Also, the town next to use has had over 20 cases at the high school in a week, but that isn’t showing either. I commend Danbury for being honest and up to date. How can anybody make decisions if the data are not being reported? I am very concerned about going back to live school after the holiday because the data are not showing the large growth in cases. In the case of my district some of the data is posted on the district dashboard, but is has been obscured by a new reporting premise. In the other district I had to add up all the cases in the superintendent’s communications. Who is holding the districts accountable for timely update of their data?

  58. I kinda wish the whole country could shut down for two weeks at least, all at the same time. Maybe then no one else will get infected and die from Covid-19.

  59. Nancy my opinion, He is looking out for himself. This world is at its lowest. His niece has been warming all Americans from day one when he became President. Thank God Biden is the president now.

  60. We are not saying he could have stopped it. He could have warned us to caution and prepare ourselves. He did not do that, he kept it to himself after realizing it was getting worst and killing people. That is not being responsible as a President to the world. He has no excuse to what he has done.

  61. I see you are a Jehovah witness, okay cool. I study, and my mom and family members are 30 plus witnesses.Yes reading the bible will tell us that.

  62. Its doomed now. What are you talking about…after this second wave i hope people still have businesses. This wave of 5g is about shutting everything down…

  63. Thats what i am talking about. Human lives, and it does not matter what color or size you are. We all bleed the same. Love everybody, be safe and wear your mask, be cautious God will not leave us nor forsake us. We all
    are his children

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  65. give me a break.. Even a prisoner would be better than those 2 jokers that are going into the White House. Biden will have 4 years to try to talk( on his own) for more than a couple of minutes before making some incredible stupid statement. I wonder if he thinks Hawaii is our biggest ally.

  66. We are counting on the Democratic Party to take care of tax payers / Americans we are not asking for hand out we are asking for them to secure our jobs and not letting illegals alien to snatch them from us , they pays no tax and send there money back to there countries ran up medical expenses and leave it on us .
    Especially construction and health care .
    Please get these illegals off the corner s .

  67. I disagree. Skin art and hair art require a certain creative type. If your job/passion brings in the dough, you’re essential.

  68. So getting a response with vaccine in basically in 9 months isn’t a response? Most vaccines in recent history take at least 48 months to get even accepted by the CDC AND FDA. Please stop your rant. The current death rate of the virus is at. 1.7%.
    Especially now with treatment plans in the outpatient and inpatient outcomes.
    That’s well below the rates say of the swine flu while we’re at around 4%.
    The biggest difference is that the virus infects many more people at a raised rate. That doesn’t make it any better or worse. It is better being mitigated now with treatment.

  69. Thats faulty nationally. If that’s Ct rates. We are doing a really shitty job. Compared to national rates. 26000000 infections on record. And 375000 deaths. With these current numbers. The total national infected rates with regards to morality rate is at a low 1.7%. Way below the swine Flu rates. The biggest problem with this virus is that it spreads very fast. Upping the infected numbers. But take it as a whole. I really hope Ct isn’t so far behind the national mortality rate as a whole. Lamont is responsible.

  70. So getting a response with vaccine in basically in 9 months isn’t a response? Most vaccines in recent history take at least 48 months to get even accepted by the CDC AND FDA. Please stop your rant. The current death rate of the virus is at. 1.7%.
    Especially now with treatment plans in the outpatient and inpatient outcomes.
    That’s well below the rates say of the swine flu while we’re at around 4%.
    The biggest difference is that the virus infects many more people at a raised rate. That doesn’t make it any better or worse. It is better being mitigated now with treatment.

  71. The math says it all. 26 million people infected. Then 375000 have unfortunately died. With those numbers. The mortality rate is currently at 1.7%. That’s so way befew the swine flu of past. Especially with the young people and children. They took the brunt of deaths during that outbreak.
    Thats not diminishing the horrible deaths in our country. Tje f****** Virus, is infecting many more of us at a very fast pace. It’s unfortunate killing many more of us faster than other Influenza outbreaks.
    Love to all out there dealing with death in their lives.
    We are all in this together ?

  72. Here we go everyone.
    Letting everyone know that if you don’t agree with your opinions. You are an uneducated and a person that doesn’t have any opinions that count. That is precisely why basically half of the 75 million people in this country don’t want to even listen to anything that you say.
    We represent half of the voting population. Represent more than 3 thirds of this nation in property evaluation. And owners. So just sit there in your small world in your life as book marked country with its east an d west cost bulloney. In reality. Most of the resst of the country doesn’t give a crap about your opinion.

  73. I registered for the vaccine on My Chart and it doesn’t seem clear if I just wait for an email that might give me appointment options for a shot. I live in Enfield and it looks like the closest vaccine center is in Hartford. I went to Hartford once. ONLY ONCE! I live near four Walgreens and CVS stores, aren’t any of them administering the vaccine?

  74. Just wondering if anyone here has submitted the travel form to the DPH after travel outside of the state? And if you did submit did the state respond to you?

  75. CT Covid Vaccine for 65+ distribution a huge disappointment. Either providers have stopped their programs, sites not currently scheduling, providers want one to sign up for their MY CHART program (even when you are not a current patient of a doctor of that facility – surely they could have a “guest access” instead of having something one is only going to use for this. For seniors this has become a nightmare. The announcement of the vaccine sign-up was done prematurely (i.e. adequate supply of vaccine not available).

  76. I can’t express how frustrated I am that I still can’t receive a vaccine. I delivered bread to 12-15 different grocery stores a day, plus the delis and diners. We never stopped, we worked straight through this disaster of a pandemic. Now, finally after a year of worrying about catching the virus and ended up in the hospital, and not being able to run my business. It’s scary, but at the same time, I can’t help but be angry. You deem us essential works, making not just me, all the delivery guys, and grocery workers essential. But the. The vaccine shows up, and we are thrown to the back burner. Ok, yes maybe not all grocery workers, seeing how some are 16 and just starting their first jobs. But really I’m 37, a wife, and two kids. And I’m still struggling to get the vaccine. I could probably lie, but why should I have too? Seriously? I’m not trying to sound hateful, but imagine 6 months with us not showing up to work, what would have happened then? Nobody thinks of that.

  77. How did you qualify for SSI when you own several rental properties? I live on $900 per month from social security and was told I don’t qualify for SSI because I have too much income.

  78. I’m really glad to see that you’re following this situation. It seems like a lot of people are just sitting around and waiting for the news to come in.

    I know the feeling, I have four kids who are all sick right now with one thing or another. So many viruses going around!

    After seeing your post today about coronavirus in Connecticut, it made me think back to when my youngest son came home from school last week complaining about his stomach hurting. What if he was actually coming down with something really serious? All parents worry about sending their children off every day and not knowing what they will get into on their own time.

  79. Trump did not do anything. It is July 2021 …now look at what that idiot Biden and his clowns have done…letting millions of sick and covid infected into our country via the border…yet they want us to keep wearing masks and be on lockdowns and take a vaccine? Biden does not care about America or democracy ….wake up. Praise Trump….that he comes back and fixes this mess.

  80. I agree mask do . I’ve lost 5 my closes friend to it . But we got those want to be doctors like him

  81. No shaming, blaming or criticizing. Protect our children first. Don’t send them into
    unsafe environments. Stand up for our rights of a safe, clean healthy environment.
    This is a universal right. Citizen rights must be at the forefront, not corporations.
    The only way to be heard is if enough people come together and state their needs
    in a civil, nonviolent way. Each person has a responsibility – it starts with each individual if change is to happen.