One thought on “Racial Health Divide In Utero

  1. People don’t need health insurance “literacy.” They know how bad they’re getting screwed by our for-profit, fee-based, means tested, privatized and state based multi-payer health insurance system that rations healthcare based on economic class. The system that ObamaCare® reinforces and compels, by law, every citizen participate in, except, of course, corporate citizens. No divide, economic or racial, will be overcome by a healthcare system that perpetuates class division and exacerbates wealth and income inequality…a system that creates division in prioritizing profit over patient outcomes.

    The health insurance “literacy” being foisted upon the American people is Thatcherism: There Is No Alternative to the priority of profit over every aspect of society. That, of course, is a lie. There is an alternative sitting in the House of Representatives right now. An alternative that prioritizes healthcare outcomes over corporate profits. A system that would not only provide access to healthcare for all Americans, but save us hundreds of billions of dollars every year. [Funding proposal PDF]

    That is what should be included in every discussion about healthcare and health insurance in this country. Part of health insurance “literacy” should be explaining to the American people why they are being denied choice in their healthcare decisions. Why the American people must be treated like commodities…like cattle…or hogs…or automobiles…instead of Human Beings. That’s what we need to know…what we deserve to know.