3 thoughts on “High Use Of Antipsychotics In Nursing Homes Stirs Concerns, Reforms

  1. It’s also fueled by the over-use of psych APRNs for every “behavior deviation” under the sun…

  2. I was so pleased to find your article run full-page in my Sunday New Haven Register. My family was greatly affected by this harmful practice back in 2000. My aunt had lived for seven years in a CT skilled care facility. She suffered terribly and ultimately lost her life because of the long-term and sometimes off-label prescribing of multiple drugs. BIG PHARMA has a big presence here in our state. The pharmaceutical industry is a powerful influence in the FDA, in medical schools, in medical journals, in doctors’ offices, and direct-to-consumer ads. I am grateful to Sen. Grassley (though the newly released Sunshine Act disappoints), Pro Publica, the Furious Seasons blog and links, and No Free Lunch. Please continue to investigate and inform. Remind doctors of their oath, “First Due No Harm”. Urge patients and their families to ask about potential side effects, about comparison to placebo, about alternate forms of treatment. Urge them to check or ask about their doctor’s relationship with the drug manufacturer.

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