Ava Aims To Be A TV Anchor

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Ava Roulier, 15, a rising sophomore at RHAM High School in Hebron, has always had an interest in journalism. She’s written multiple articles and done several interviews.

More recently, Ava has been looking into broadcast journalism and hopes to learn more about the people and society around her.

“Many of us watch TV more than we read now, especially younger generations, due to advancements in technology, and [I want] to be able communicate to all different crowds,’’ she said.

Ava’s mother, Laurie, is a counselor at Manchester High School and runs her own clinic while her father, Kenneth, works as an insurance regulator. Ava also has one younger brother, Logan.

Rodjae Smith Photo.

Ava Roulier poses for a photo in the bookstore garden on Chapel Street, New Haven.

Ava is proud to say that when she was 9, she wrote a poetry book called “With Cherries on Top” and got it published.

She is a part of the Laurel East Hartford YMCA’s swim team, competing year-round for five years. Ava said that it is a very physical sport, and she keeps with it because she loves to push herself and get in better shape.

At the moment, Ava is also pushing herself to finish her summer Algebra 2 class so she can take pre-calculus next year.

Jax Dunn is a student at Great Path Academy and Manchester Community College.

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