A Lover Of Science And Math, Sidhi Aspires To Be An Engineer

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Sidhi Dhanda, 15, a rising sophomore at Hopkinton High School, has a passion for jazz music, robotics, and engineering.

She’s been playing the electric guitar in a jazz band since middle school, made it to nationals in the Invention Convention competition this past January, and participates in yearly competitions with her school’s robotics team.

“I really love robotics, engineering, in general, really love coding, and I’m also really into music and guitar,” said Sidhi, of Hopkinton Mass.

Sidhi Dhanda attends Hopkinton High School and hopes to be an engineer.

Sidhi even created an invention in a 24-hour period that made it to national Inventathon Convention.

“In January I entered with my friend in the Inventathon, which is kind of like a hackathon where you have 24 hours to invent something that solves a problem related to COVID in schools. So, we invented a clip that sits on top of your mask that keeps it from slipping,’’ she said.

Sidhi’s role model is her dad, who works as a data scientist, who analyzes data trends and makes predictions for the future for various industries.

“I definitely look up to him, he does some really cool stuff and I just hope to be able to do cool stuff like that in my life,” she said.

Sidhi loves math and science. “I’ve always, my entire life, been around math and science,” she said. “I kind of took interest in it at a really young age.”

When Sidhi isn’t busy with academics, she enjoys cross country, skiing, softball, and learning French.

“Fun fact, I have a 505-day streak on Duolingo, a language learning app,” she said.

Even during the pandemic, Sidhi kept her mind stimulated through her Rubik’s Cube.

“During the pandemic, I solved a Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes,” she said.

Although Sidhi is unsure of what she wants to do as a career in the future, she is interested in studying engineering in college.

“I’m not exactly sure exactly what I want to invent. I’m just keeping my eyes open, and, just for a general goal, I’d love to study engineering in college whether it’s computer science or electrical engineering,’’ she said.

Ava Roulier is a student at RHAM High School, Hebron.



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