State Disciplines Three Nurses, One Former Nurse

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The Board of Examiners for Nursing disciplined three nurses and one former nurse last week for cases involving drug use, theft, deceit and mental illness.

After a hearing last Wednesday, the board voted to revoke the registered nurse license of Ryan Buynicki of Agawam, Massachusetts, who, records show, stole Dilaudid in 2015 while working at Osborn Correctional Center in Somers.

Buynicki also stole controlled substances from five patients in the prison infirmary in 2015 and falsified controlled substance records, according to the statement of charges against him by the state Department of Public Health. The board also found that his use of controlled substances was affecting his ability to practice a nurse, the statement said.

The board issued a cease and desist order against Lisa Piatak of Shelton to stop practicing nursing without a license. The board found that after her licensed practical nurse license expired in 2010, Piatak practiced as an LPN without a license for six more years, its memorandum of decision states.

The board also suspended the RN license of Lori Riley of Sharon, saying that she has not complied with the terms of an earlier probation. In June, the board placed her license on probation for two years because, records show, she took a painkiller meant for a patient and replaced it with Tylenol while working for All About You Homecare in Torrington.

The nursing board also found that in 2014, Riley abused Percocet, Oxycodone and Vicodin and was hospitalized for a drug overdose, records show.

The board revoked the RN license of Maria Roach of Stratford after finding that she suffers from depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder to a degree that she cannot safely practice as a nurse, according to its memorandum of decision.




3 thoughts on “State Disciplines Three Nurses, One Former Nurse

  1. Will Buynicki be charged with theft and/ or negligence? He should be after stealing from patients and his substance abuse affecting his ability to perform his duties as a nurse! I am the mother of our five year old twin daughters. He was sadly awarded temporary placement in January 2017, after two years of repeatedly making allegations against me. I could not prove his substance abuse and his testimony against me and my innocent son was based on lies and manipulation to make me look unfit so he could be granted custody. I sincerely look forward to justice being better served with this evidence I brought forth to DCF and my attorney.

  2. That man should not be granted custody of children whether it be his own or not
    He’s guilty of using heroin, which apparently is OK because people lied for him. The sad part is the dept. of children n families believe liers and state of mass. why not drug test this man who’s guilty of using heroine and crack but goes off Scott free.without being tested for drugs.hes s a man who knows dam well he’s endangered life of his own children while high on heroine from needles.r judges blind no drug testing because he’s shaved all his body hair
    Hmm suspicious and ironic using it.guilty guilty guilty. he’s endangered life’s of twins as well as others

  3. You must know him cause I had not mentioned what you’ve said. But yes He did endanger my daughters putting them into his car and crashing under the influence and bring them for drug runs. One of my daughters even brought a syringe he was shooting up with from the bathroom the day before Thanksgiving 2016… which he had lied under oath, ik no surprise, that it was an eye syringe! Unbelievable. His lies are bound to be the rope that hangs him. N it will have to be a very tall tree. He also had gotten jumped due to drugs the beginning of November n went into Providence for a day after his terrible Family had an intervention at my house for him to get help. He’d already been In rehab more than six times at that point! So… Really. I had reported all the facts and no one in the dept. Backed me. I have little to no hope the system will serve overdue justice. And yes he’d repeatedly shave his body hair and yes the dept. Of Children and Families has backed him thus far. If you know him and can email me to possibly help me get my girls out of that hell and back home with me and their brother who worry, love and miss them terribly you would be a hero.