One thought on “Alzheimer’s Care Puts Financial Strain On Family Members

  1. I feel for everyone who is in this message and anyone who had to look it up and read it. It’s HORRIFIC, to try and take care of your loved one and go thru the DISEASE, YES IT’S A DISEASE AND it goes after anyone, no one is immune. Not the person or the family or friends around them. For what they are seeing today they may be doing tomorrow. In taking care of my mother I’m finding many people do not even understand a small portion of what is actually going on, what the disease really is. My Uncle was named her first DPOA and Health Director in her Trust. But the terrible behavior of my brother causes so much strife that my Uncle had to quit and sign it over to me, I was the 2nd choice in my mothers trust, dpoa and health directive. His doctor told him if he continued to help my mother he would suffer worst health and most likely die before her. This story really hits home, I was born in Conn. My mother’s mother got Alzheimer’s, her sister got Alzheimer’s, and now one of my cousins who is a year older than me has it (59). My brother is not allowed to make any decisions, because (her words to attorney) he will bleed me dry. so he get’s 50% of whatever is left after mom passes. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU THRU THIS I PRAY FOR GOD’S STRENGTH EVERY DAY.