2 thoughts on “Drunk-Driving Fatalities Decline, But State Ranks High In Impaired Drivers

  1. Considering these statistics, I’m wondering if anyone or any groups have done any research to see if the current fad and new growth of independent wineries,breweries and distilleries has had an impact on these numbers. Private,independant businesses have joined forces to encourage drivers to visit several wineries a day, to follow a “wine trail” throughout the state, with an incentive for consumers to collect as many stamps as possible , on a “wine trail passport” ,to qualify to win various prizes .
    These gifts are substantial,one being a week long trip to Spain visiting wineries and staying in hotels and B&B’s. So how can new,independent businesses afford to offer this? They don’t!

    It’s disheartening and confusing for the public to see articles such as this one, showing that Ct. has a considerable problem with irresponsible drivers,and other articles describing plans on how the state is going to deter this behavior of drinking and driving, explaining measures that will be taken against first time offenders ,such as ignition lockout devices. Sounds good,right? No, because………then ,on the other hand, for example ,if you look a little deeper and we can read about a formal group of independent winery owners/operators ,who receive a guaranteed budget and other targeted funding and grants(local,state & federal) ,using public tax dollars. This money is used for advocating and advertising these private businesses through ads, pamphlets, mailings, websites, drawings for big ticket items & trips,etc. ,encouraging drivers to travel throughout the state,for the specific purpose of spending the entire day and/ or evening,drinking and driving. Some ads targeting parents of young children. Bring them along for face painting or some such activity. Sadly,many parents see this as free babysitting and bring their children with them ,knowing full well they intend to drink and drive. Do these sound like responsible business practices?
    How is the public supposed to reconcile these opposing actions taken by our local and state government? Just how invested are our governing bodies in any of the attempts they make to deter impaired /drunk driving ,when they can so easily do an abrupt about face? Choosing to fund private businesses, using public money, to encourage this very dangerous behavior they claim to want to stop. Is the money profited from permits and sales tax enough to cancel out any moral dilemma over the loss of lives and the financial and emotional costs of those whose lives are forever changed ,due to a drunk driver? We know the moral answer should be NO, but we also know morality isn’t a top priority in government or business.
    So we can see, even with all that we hear is being done to deter and prevent drunk driving, there are other unheard of forces in play to prevent any real change Worse yet, and unbeknownst to us, we are being used to finance these illegal activities that can have fatal consequences.

    I am not anti-business. If someone wants to have an enterprise,that is their right. It should also be up to the owners to finance and advertise their business,using their own money or loans,which carry an obligation to repay. The general public should not be used as a source of free money for private business owners. Especially when the public is unaware of how their tax money is being used.

  2. Thanks, can you show the US and MD MVC 2015, 2016 & 2017 fatalities related to drunk and driving, please?