4 thoughts on “Outpatient Facility Fees To Be More Transparent With New Law

  1. While creating transparency, this bill does not address the problem patients face when their physician’s practice is purchased by a hospital. Nothing has changed, the overhead for the practice with the same physician and same employees has not increased, but for some reason, there is now a facility fee. How about an objective article explaining how charging a patient a facility fee for the exact same service they received from the physician owned practice is reasonable????

  2. After having read through the new laws last night I came away with the impression that nothing will change except the pricing, which will have to go up. All the ideas put forth are laudable, that said what I see is almost a half billion dollars in unfunded patient improvements. I was also struck by the fact that everything proposed for State agencies to implement has an escape clause that reads that they have to make the improvements, as long as they can afford it within their budgets. The proposals for the providers include no such clause. The joke is that the stated purpose of the law is to reign in patient costs.

  3. June, 2016. Have received an indecipherable letter again from YNHHS regarding facility fees. There is no firm amount of the charges listed anywhere, only estimates. These estimates should be more transparent after patient has been visiting doctors at this “facility” for 5-1/2 years, getting exactly the same treatment. Does Medicare allow balance billing? This hospital finds loopholes through all legislation. Now they are adding physician fees, lab fees, facility fees into the same toxic mix. CT Public Act 14-145 states that sections A – d, inclusive, do not apply to Medicare or Medicaid patients. What is that about?

  4. this organization should make the public aware of this via e mail, facebook, and twitter – and the public shuld force the Conn legislature to pass a law prohibiting this legal fraud perpetrated on the public. I personally will make sure all my doctors are not “hospital employees”