Profile: Kiara Loves Numbers, Hopes To Teach

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Kiara Mary Cobb is a 16-year-old African-American girl who wants to be an algebra teacher.

“If you are good with math, then you are good with money,’’ Cobb said.

Cobb said she has liked numbers ever since an elementary school teacher made math simple for her. She wants to students to go through Algebra I in a breeze.

She lives in Hartford and is a junior at the Journalism and Media Academy. She plays volleyball, basketball and tennis and serves in the service club and yearbook club.

Cobb’s father is Edward Cobb, and her mother, Kimberly Logan, used to work at a juvenile detention center for girls. Her mother is trying to get a license to become a nurse and also sells dinners to people.

Cobb has two sisters; one is 10 and the other is in her 20s.

Cobb said that she likes to eat and have fun. She is very active and energetic. She is a unique girl who likes to play video games such as “Call of Duty Black Ops II” because, she said, she can express herself by playing video games.

Though she is fine now, Cobb said she has had a lot of injuries.

She is not sure which college she would like to attend. She is taking a summer program at the University of Connecticut in journalism.

Daniel Ruiz is a junior at Achievement First Amistad High School, New Haven.

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