2 thoughts on “Community Health Index: A Tool For Healthy Lives

  1. Too bad that one has to apply on behalf of a professional organization to access the data. It would be nice if it were open to the public. “Community-based electronic tool” is a bit of a misnomer if the communities themselves can’t get access.

  2. Couldn’t agree with Robn more. Public access can be facilitate most easily when basic pivot tables can be provided by the State Health Dept. See the website of Colorado Commission for Affordable Health Care, the tab labeled “Public Input”. See the recommendation under “Data Transparency”. Also, see the many examples of pivot tables, including one created from a download of “County Health Rankings”. Anyone can select their county and see how they stand compared to quintiles of over 3,000 counties in the USA. These are basic indicators for a “Health Equity Index”, generally accepted elements for achieving the objectives of Triple Aim (population health, quality patient care and affordable access to care). Contact me to discuss more (iplus007@gmail.com)