Allyson Is Setting Her Sights On The Silver Screen

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Allyson Anderson’s life’s journey began in Kingston, Jamaica, and she intends to end it in Hollywood, California.

She has played roles like Jamaican track star and a dedicated American high school student, but her greatest role is yet to come as she hopes to dazzle the world from the silver screen.

“With acting, you have the opportunity to be every and anything,” she said.

Allyson, 15, lives in Hartford with her sister Saige, 2, her brother Malachi, 1, and her mother Trudy-Ann. Allyson attends Achievement First Hartford High School in Hartford.

Allyson was born in Kingston and immigrated to the United States when she was just 6. She said adjusting to life in a new country was difficult. She said she had trouble acclimating to the culture and the way people spoke in America.

“I felt a little isolated,” Anderson said. “It was like a whole new world.”

As she has grown, the opportunities of this “new world” pose no problems for Allyson. She has taken part in the theater program at her high school and hopes to follow in the ranks of Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner and other stars.

“I feel like all movies leave a piece of something on the viewer, and I really like that,” she said.

Allyson said becoming an actress is about more than just fame and fortune. She said she wants to be able to help the viewer grow through her performances and characters.

Ava Dell’Orfano is a junior at Coginchaug Regional High School

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