Med Board Fines Two Doctors, Orders Newington Woman To Stop Practicing Medicine Without A License

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The state Medical Examining Board voted Tuesday to discipline two physicians with fines and ordered a Newington woman to stop providing injections for a fee without a medical license.

In the first case, Dr. Richard Kravitz, who works at the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Haven and a private office in Hamden, came under scrutiny in August of 2018 after a female patient in his private practice reported that he had failed to inform her about side effects from the medication he prescribed, according to a consent order approved by the board.

The woman contended in a letter to the board that Kravitz prescribed toxic levels of Lithium for three years but never sought blood tests, even though she complained of neurological symptoms. He also prescribed a “cocktail” of five other drugs, leaving the woman with side effects that changed her personality and appearance, she said.

An investigation into the allegations revealed that Kravitz had failed to order laboratory testing for the woman and failed to document her treatments for three years, beginning in December 2015, documents said.

Under a consent order, Kravitz must pay a $10,000 fine and follow the stipulations of an 18-month probation period including attending classes in proper documentation and laboratory monitoring of prescriptions.

Kravtiz admitted to the allegations but contested the board’s requirement that his work at the VA be monitored by an independent third party during the probation period on the grounds the incident was related to is private practice, according to letter sent to the Department of Public Health (DPH).

The board also fined a Madison physician for violating the terms of a consent order issued in 2013 barring him from examining female patients without a chaperone present.

Dr. Si-Hoi Lam was disciplined by the board in 2013 after a female patient testified that he had “massaged” her vaginal area inappropriately during a medical examination prior to a lumpectomy in 2008.

At the time, the board issued Lam a $5,000 fine and placed his license under a permanent restriction barring him from examining female patients alone.

A medical student reported to DPH in August 2020 that Lam had examined four female patients without a chaperone on July 22 and 23, 2020, documents said.

Lam asked the board in a May 2020 letter to remove the restriction, saying that he had fulfilled all the requirements of the discipline and the restriction was impacting his ability to practice medicine in Connecticut and New York where he also holds a license.

The board agreed in June 2020 to Lam’s request for a hearing on whether the restriction can be removed. But Lam voluntarily submitted a withdrawal of the request on Feb. 2 after learning about the new investigation.

On Tuesday, Lam was issued a $5,000 fine and ordered not to violate the restriction on his license again.

The board also ordered a Newington woman to “cease and desist” practicing medicine without a license after the Central Connecticut Health District reported she was giving Botox injections for a fee.

Ermelinda Rrumbullaku was providing shots of Lidocaine, a pain reliever, Botox and Belotero, both cosmetic fillers to reduce wrinkles and lines, to people for compensation in 2018 and 2019, according to DPH documents. Rrumbullaku does not have a license to practice medicine or surgery, officials said.

Under a consent order, Rrumbullaku’s name will be submitted to the National Practitioner Data Bank and she must stop giving the shots unless she has a valid medical license.


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