State Issues Reprimands, Probation For Nurses

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The state Board of Examiners for Nursing on Wednesday disciplined four nurses for drug use and other violations.

The board placed the LPN license of Ashley E. Lambert of Thompson on probation for four years and ordered her to attend therapy, undergo random drug tests and attend a support group eight to 10 times a month, according to her signed consent order. According to documents, Lambert was found to have abused or used to excess heroin, cocaine, marijuana and Trazadone from 1998 until April 2019.

The board also reprimanded the registered nurse (RN) license of Elaine B. Simms-Walton of Enfield, placed her license on probation for six months, and ordered her to take coursework in advanced directives and critical thinking. According to her signed consent order, Simms-Walton was working as a nurse supervisor with a resident who had a physician’s order that requested life-sustaining treatment, including CPR, in an emergency. On March 10, 2019, Simms-Walton, according to the consent order, failed to start CPR, call a “code blue,” or use the external defibrillator once she realized the patient had no pulse.

The board reprimanded the LPN license of Luz Asto of New Haven after she failed to quickly initiate CPR on a resident of Branford Hills Healthcare Center found unresponsive with a bag over the head on Sept. 5, 2017, according to her signed consent order. Asto, along with all licensed staff at the facility, received training on initiating CPR immediately when a patient who is full code is found without a pulse or respiration, even if the situation presents as a crime scene, according to the consent order.

The RN license of Rosemary Franco of Branford was also reprimanded, in the same case at Branford Hills Healthcare Center.

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