Video: A Look At Storrs Center

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Located a short walk from the University of Connecticut, Storrs Center is a mixed-use town center that includes residences, restaurants, shops, businesses and educational, recreational, and cultural offerings.

— Video package by Quentin Leahy, Danny Ruiz, Maeve Cox and Cristina Huisha

Kate Farrish photo

From left, Maeve Cox, Danny Ruiz, Mansfield Mayor Paul Shapiro, Cristina Huisha and Quentin Leahy.


The video team: Maeve Cox attends Cheshire High School, Danny Ruiz attends John F. Kennedy High School, Waterbury; Cristina Huisha is a student from Riobamba, Educador and Quentin Leahy of Southington attends Conn. River Academy in East Hartford.

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