Chapman: The Life Of A Pro Gamer

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Ever since Karlee Chapman of Milford was seven, she’s been the biggest, most dedicated (and sole) female gamer in her family.

Chapman, who is now 17, enjoys playing video games such as Destiny, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and Dragon Age: Inquisition whenever she has the chance to play.

Shian Earlington

It’s clear that Chapman likes to stand out from the crowd, due to her video game endeavors and interesting work in school.

In addition to Chapman being the only female in her family who plays video games, she claims, “I’m also the only girl within my friend group at school who plays.”

Even though some may view video games as a lost cause or waste of time, Chapman realizes that, for her, they are “an important way for me to relax after a stressful day.”

If Chapman is not playing video games, she spends her time volunteering at Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, located in New Haven. In her spare time, she likes to read, listen to electronic and rock music, play Just Dance for exercise, and read trivia.

Chapman is starting her senior year. She attends Sacred Heart Academy, an all-girls private high school. Last year, she was inducted into the National Honors Society. This past school year, she was inducted into the Chinese National Honors Society.

Within the Chapman household, Karlee resides with her father, Russ Chapman (Chip), mother, Candace, and, her black Labrador, Nicky. She has an older half- sister, Michele.

Russ Chapman is a battalion chief for the Milford Fire Department. Candace Chapman was a paramedic alongside her husband in New Haven. Currently, she is studying for her bachelor’s degree in public health.

With her senior year fast approaching, Chapman is considering attending the University of Rhode Island or the University of New Haven.

She sees a possible future for herself as a journalist.

Shian Earlington is a student at Canton High School.


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