Brendan Enjoys The Challenge Of Science Olympiad

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Brendan Collins is involved in many groups at Daniel Hand High School in Madison, but he dedicates the majority of his time competing with his Science Olympiad team.

Michel’le Langley

Michel’le Langley

Collins, 17, said his love for science started in the 7th grade because his teacher got him interested in the subject.

“This year, I started thinking about pursuing a career in Biology…I have been inspired by others,” he said. “I enjoy learning new things and challenging myself to be better prepared for the future.”

Collins is of Irish descent. He lived in Boston, Massachusetts until the age of 6 and then moved to Madison. He lives with his mother, Denise Collins, a stay-at-home mom; his father, Sean Collins, an oil broker, and his two siblings, Jillian, 6, and Ryan, 7.

When he’s not with his family, he’s hanging out with his long-time friend, Mike Quain or throwing a football in the backyard with his other friend, Christian Jipilian. He loves to play video games and go fishing.

Collins will be a senior in the fall.

At school, he is involved in activities such as lacrosse, the newspaper, the debate team and the Science Olympiad team.  The science team is “challenging. You are competing until time constraints.”

Michel’le Langley is a student at the Achievement First Amistad High School in New Haven.


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