State Suspends Doctor’s License

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The state Department of Public Health has suspended the license of a doctor from Old Lyme who has been charged with sexually assaulting seven female patients during medical exams at a clinic in Plover, Wisconsin.

After an eight-month investigation by Plover police and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Dr. Wilton Calderon, 45, was charged on Dec. 21 with four counts of third-degree sexual assault and six counts of fourth-degree sexual assault.

Calderon is accused of having unwanted sexual contact with female patients during medical exams at a family medicine clinic in Plover before he left Wisconsin to take a job in New London in January 2015.

Plover Police Chief Daniel F. Ault said Thursday that Calderon spent one night in the Portage County Jail in Wisconsin and is now free on a $25,000 bond pending a court appearance in early March.

Ault said the investigation began in early 2015 with a tip from a former patient who accused Calderon of sexual assault.

“We kept digging for over six months and numerous patients came forward with similar stories,’’ Ault said.

The investigation “snowballed” as more female patients spoke to investigators, he said. More than 20 women who had been patients of Calderon have been interviewed and police have sent reports to prosecutors that could result in more charges, he said.

“The doctor-patient relationship should be one of extreme trust and confidence,’’ Ault said. “Some patients were reluctant to come forward…[but] once one person came forward, other people came forward.”

Calderon left Plover in January 2015 and began practicing with the Lawrence + Memorial Medical Group in New London that month. The group is a physician practice affiliated with Lawrence + Memorial Hospital; Calderon did not work for the hospital, the hospital’s spokesman, Michael O’Farrell, said. Calderon went on leave from the medical group in the fall of 2015 and his employment with the group ended last month, O’Farrell said.

O’Farrell said he is not aware of any allegations of misconduct involving Calderon in Connecticut.

The DEA and Plover police reported their investigation to Wisconsin officials, who suspended Calderon’s license last fall, Ault said.

Calderon denied the allegations to Wisconsin state officials but voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine in that state on Jan. 20, 2016, according to records from the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board.

Ault said his department and the DEA have also cooperated with Connecticut officials and he is unaware of any criminal charges against Calderon in Connecticut.

Wisconsin officials informed DPH of the investigation into Calderon, which led to DPH’s suspension of Calderon’s medical license on Jan. 21, DPH spokesman Christopher Stan said.

Calderon was granted a license to practice medicine in Connecticut in 2014, Stan said.




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