Nursing Homes Cited Following Lapses In Care

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State health officials have fined four Connecticut nursing homes following lapses in care that resulted in falls, injuries and a report of abusive comments.

St. Joseph’s Center in Trumbull was fined $1,020 after a state Department of Public Health inspection found a resident who had been left unattended fell and suffered multiple facial fractures and a brain hemorrhage in October.

According to the DPH, the resident suffered from Alzheimer’s dementia and had a history of falling. The resident was walking from the shower room with the help of a nursing assistant who heard another resident call for help. The nursing assistant left the first resident alone in a hallway holding on to a handrail, in order to assist the second resident, the DPH citation states. The resident who fell was taken to a hospital where the injuries were discovered, according to the DPH.

“We worked with the state survey agency and very quickly regained regulatory compliance,” said Jeanne Moore, the center’s spokeswoman.

Meridian Manor Corp. in Waterbury was fined $1,020 after a DPH investigation found a resident suffered spinal fractures and a forehead laceration after falling from bed.

According to the DPH, the resident, who was identified as being at “high risk of falling,”fell when a nursing assistant sat the resident up in bed, put one hand on the resident and then turned to pick up a comb from a bedside table. The incident happened May 2, and the resident returned to the facility two days later after being treated at an area hospital.

Officials at the facility did not return a call seeking comment.

Gladeview Health Care Center in Old Saybrook was fined $1,020 after a resident suffered a broken femur while being transported into bed improperly in September, according to the DPH.

A physician’s order said the resident, who couldn’t walk and was completely dependent on nursing home staff, needed to be transported with the help of two staff members and a rolling walker at all times.

According to a DPH inspector, one nursing assistant left the room to get gloves to help move the resident and returned soon after to find that another nursing assistant had already moved the resident.

The resident complained of leg pain, and an X-ray revealed a femur fracture. The resident was hospitalized. The nursing assistant who moved the resident without help was fired.

Officials at Gladeview Health Care Center declined to comment on the matter.

Silver Springs Care Center in Meriden was fined after the DPH found a nursing assistant made sexual and other inappropriate comments to residents.

One resident who suffered from renal failure and anxiety complained in August that a nursing assistant made the resident “uncomfortable” by making sexual gestures and comments. Upon receiving the complaint, the facility’s manager questioned other residents. Four other residents came forward with similar complaints, according to the DPH. The center was fined $780, but Silver Springs appealed and the fine was lowered to $570, according to DPH. During the appeal process, it was determined that only two residents — not five — were affected by the nursing assistant’s comments, according Patrick McDonnell, facility administrator.



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