Profile: Will Courtney Be The Next Ryan Seacrest?

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Courtney Leopold, 16, of New Canaan, wants to be a TV reporter. Not only is she executive producer of her TV class, but she is also class anchor for her senior class. She describes herself as a “closet TV geek.”

She wants to be a TV reporter because she wants to see the world and believes being a reporter “is the best way.”

She has had experience directing, from her school’s morning announcements to her school plays.

“I want to be just like Ryan Seacrest. That’s my dream,’’ Leopold said. “I just want to have the Ryan Seacrest empire! Because that’s what he has.”

Leopold has attended New Canaan High School since 9th grade and now that she’s a senior, she often thinks about how hard it will be to leave her friends.

“I mean I’ve known all these kids since like the fifth grade, so it’s going to be really weird leaving after all those years because we’re all going to different colleges and going our separate ways,’’ she said.

Leopold volunteers at the Waveny Care Center retirement home in New Canaan, serving the seniors lunch a few times a week.

Being a journalist is for her.

“I don’t really like writing, but I really think it’s my calling,’’ Leopold said. “I have always felt like it’s what I should be doing. I also told my mom I want to build a hotel company. She always says ‘I’m crazy,’ but I’m not. I’m a dreamer!”

She is the daughter of William and Kristen Leopold. In her spare time, she enjoys working out at the gym.

“I always go and try different classes,’’ she said. “I love yoga.”

She also enjoys shopping and said Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 are her favorite stores.

Shamoya Hanson is a junior at the Hartford Journalism and Media Academy.


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