Profile: Terrell Is A Star Chaser

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Terrell Saunders, 16, has a dream that is out of this world: he wants to become an astronaut.

“I want to make a discovery,” said Saunders, when asked how he sees himself 10 years from now. He is sure he wants to study science or astronomy.

Saunders was born in the Bronx, NY, but moved to Connecticut when he was four years old. He now lives in Bridgeport.

Saunders has three siblings: Jasmine Bennett, 25; Lakea Saunders, his twin, and his brother Derek, 26. His mother, Stephanie Bennett, works as a nurse, and his father, Lloyd Saunders, works in delivery.

Saunders goes to Amistad Academy in New Haven, where he will be a junior this fall. He dreams of attending Princeton University and said he is going to stay focused and apply himself to make that dream come true.

Saunders does a lot of community service and recently helped clean up Bassick High School in Bridgeport.

Admired by his teachers, he is an honors student who has received many awards from his school.

He has a passion for music and singing but also likes to play video games and visit the arcade whenever he can. He also likes literature and said “The Mockingjay” is his favorite book.

Saunders believes he has a bright future ahead of him, but knows he has to work hard and stay focused to attain his dreams.

Julyanna Schreider is a junior at the Hartford Journalism And Media Academy.


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