Profile: Demain’s Passion Is Basketball

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Demain Robinson, a 16-year-old at Amistad High School in New Haven, has many passions, but none quite as deeply rooted as basketball.

Robinson, who will be a sophomore at Amistad in the fall, also enjoys cross-country and football.  However, basketball has afforded him many more opportunities and is the sport he has played the longest.

“It’s in my DNA, I would say,’’ Robinson said. “No matter where I am, I’ll stop [what I’m doing] and start playing.”

Robinson has been playing basketball on a team since he was four years old, but had been playing casually on the court before then.

“I was born with a ball in my hand,” Robinson said.

Robinson played varsity basketball as a freshman at Amistad and had the chance to play in Florida and visit Disney World.

His family consists of his parents, Brooke and Country, who works at Yale University. He has four siblings: a twin brother Donovan, 16; younger brothers Tony, 11 and Devin, 1; and a younger sister Dezaya, 5.

Although Robinson has a couple more years until he enters college, he is already dreaming of attending Syracuse University. Beyond that, he hopes to play in the NBA.

Gabrielle Wilson is a 2013 graduate of Naugatuck High School. She will attend Johnson And Wales in the fall.


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