Profile: Alfred’s Lesson On Choosing Friends

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It was three years ago in New York when Alfred Coney got hit in the head with a pipe. He had been hanging out with friends when a fight broke out.

“I didn’t know what hit me,’’ Coney said.

Though he was not severely injured, Coney decided to stop hanging out with certain friends because he could have lost his life because of those friends.

“I will be careful of the friends I have and just hang out with the ones who only want the best for me,’’ he said.

Coney comes from a family of seven; he has two brothers, Sean Becton and Chris Coney, and two sisters, Amira and Imani Brown. His parents are Alisha Brown and Alfred Brown.

Coney was born in Manhattan and moved to Connecticut. He lives in New Haven and attends Amistad High School in New Haven.

He plays basketball for fun.

“It calms me down,’’ he said. “It’s a sport that pushes you, and it teaches you to cooperate with others.”

Malcolm Sharpe is a junior at the Hartford Journalism And Media Academy.

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