PROFILE: Cardel Hopes To Take To The Skies

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When Cardel Ferreira moved to Hartford in January, he was not coming from another state – he was coming to the United States for the first time from the South American nation of Guyana.

Ferreira and his twin brother, Cassel, came to America with their mother, Simone Prescott. The twins get along very well.

“It’s nice to know that I have someone with me,’’ Cardel Ferreira said.

Both his twin and their 24-year-old half brother, Joseph Prescott, want to be pilots. After hearing his siblings talk about it, Ferreira became interested in the profession as well. He hopes to go to piloting school in America to start on the right path. He has considered it a lot since getting the idea from his brothers.

“A pilot. That sounds like a nice job,’’ he said.

Since starting high school in America, the 17-year-old student has begun to focus more on his schoolwork. His grades have improved from the Cs he had at home; now, he says, he gets all As.

The difference in education has been the biggest surprise for Ferreira since his arrival in the United States. He’s learning new subjects, such as international studies and geometry, that weren’t offered in Guyana. Bettering his education, he hopes, will be good for his future.

Some day, Ferreira said, he wants to get married and have children.

“I want to drive a fancy car,’’ he said.

He won’t stay in Hartford, though; eventually he hopes to return home to Guyana. His half brother and his 13-year-old sister, Crystal, are still living there. His father, Compton Ferreira, has also remained in Guyana, where he works as a cab driver.

Ferreira’s involvement in his new church has earned him a Bible study award. One of his newest hobbies is drumming, which, he said, he hopes to do with the church band.

Since starting school in America, Ferreira’s love of drawing has spurred him to join the art club at Weaver High School in Hartford, where he also attends the Journalism and Media Academy.

Ferreira’s other hobbies are reading, listening to music, playing soccer and spending time with friends. He has yet to make many acquaintances in Hartford, but he remains in touch with his friends from Guyana and is looking forward to meeting new ones.

Julia Gottier is a 2012 graduate of Tolland High School.

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