Fairfield County Doctor Reprimanded, Fined

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A doctor practicing at Norwalk Hospital whose license status was questioned in a C-HIT story in December has been reprimanded and fined by the Connecticut Medical Examining Board.

The board recently approved a consent order that imposes a reprimand and a $1,000 civil fine on Dr. Dmitry Mironov, an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist.  C-HIT had revealed that Mironov had been censured and fined by New York in February 2010 after being found guilty in 2008 of driving while intoxicated and falsely answering ‘no’ to a question on his registration application regarding his misdemeanor conviction. Despite the New York charges, he was practicing with no license restrictions in Connecticut.

But last month, the Connecticut medical board took action against his license, based on findings by the state Department of Public Health that Mironov had submitted a license renewal form to Connecticut in October 2009 that contained false information. He had answered “no” to a question that asked if he was the subject of any pending disciplinary action by another state’s licensing authority. At the time, he was “under investigation by the New York Department of Health,” the consent order says.

Mironov was among more than a dozen physicians who were identified by C-HIT as having escaped serious licensure actions in Connecticut despite facing reprimands, censures and in some cases revocation or surrender of their licenses in three neighboring states in the past three years. The review found that Connecticut often took no action against doctors who were disciplined in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York, in contrast to medical boards in those other states, which were quick to impose their own reciprocal sanctions after Connecticut took disciplinary action.

In the wake of the story, the state legislature approved a policy change, proposed by state health officials, which allows the DPH to take automatic disciplinary action against the licenses of physicians who have been sanctioned in other states.



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