2 thoughts on “Westover Vets Fight For Agent Orange Benefits

  1. I was stationed with the USAF, 1962nd Comm Group, O/L-C, Awase Okinawa in 1970 BEFORE being re-assigned to the 18th Comm Group at Westover AFB (1971 – 1972). My claim for Agent Orange exposure has been denied by the VA despite me having a color Polaroid picture (can’t be modified)of myself next to an orange, 55 gallon barrel of AO on Okinawa. While stationed at Westover AFB, I was required to spray herbicides around the antennas, road lines, fence lines and around the comm buildings located at the end of the main runway and in Granby Mass where the transmitter site was located.
    If you wish more information, please visit my FB page, “Agent Orange Okinawa”

  2. I flew in many C 123 aircraft at Westover doing Aeromedical Training Missions. As a
    Flight Nurse I remember my first flight in a C 123. At that time I was told “this plane
    had been used in Vietnam to spray agent orange”. I am just becoming involved with this

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