Padded Headgear Protects Soccer Players From Injuries

In the game of soccer, there is growing concern that “heading” the ball is leading to an increase in concussions and other head injuries. Soccer has been ranked as one of the top 20 sports for the highest number of head injuries, and one of the top 10 sports for the highest number of head injuries among children under 14. Girls’ soccer has also ranked second, below football players, in number of concussions, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Concussions among high school soccer players have increased 15 percent each year since 2005, according to High school students can develop many problems from hitting their head, including attention deficit disorder, memory loss, concussions and concentration issues.

UConn Men’s Basketball Team Back On Track Academically

Through the years the University of Connecticut men’s and women’s basketball teams have dominated their respective sports by winning multiple national championships. But when it comes to academics, the women have been far superior to the men. When the UConn men’s basketball team begins play in the American Athletic Conference this season, it will once again be eligible for post-season play. That’s because the team’s 2011-12 Academic Progress Rate, or APR – the NCAA’s measurement of academic and graduation success – was 947 out of 1,000, giving the program two consecutive years with good scores and meeting the NCAA requirements. With a two-year average APR of 964, the men’s team, which had been banned from postseason play in 2013 for a low APR, surpassed the NCAA’s two-year standard of 930. Only a handful of college basketball teams have been able to keep the consistent perfect score of 1,000.