A Flip Of A Coin, Now He’s Editor Of His High School Newspaper

Caleb Ogilvie entered journalism by a coin flip — heads for yearbook and tails for journalism – because he was unable to make a clear decision between the two. Since joining journalism class in high school, his passion for the profession has grown and he is now editor of his school newspaper. He has expressed his joy in interviewing people and being able to write stories on particular individuals. “I enjoy seeing people’s eyes light up when they are talking about their passions,” Ogilvie said. Although he is still looking at colleges, Ogilvie does plan to continue to major in and pursue a career in journalism.

Speaking For A Better Humanity: Smith Uses Journalism To Inspire Improvement

A miscommunication between friends has led 18-year-old Rodjae Smith to become a passionate speaker inspiring those around her to always improve in the face of adversity. The senior was once soft-spoken in middle school, but was forced into presenting two seventh-grade projects when her friends were unorganized and embarrassing her group with poor collaboration skills. Realizing it was better to boldly present a project than have it seem like the group was unprepared, Smith shed her quiet personality and used impromptu communication skills to have a successful presentation. “I think, most likely, there was a competitive side to me that liked the attention of speaking,” Smith said. Today, the high school senior from West Haven, Connecticut, has been inspired by speaking her mind to use journalism to challenge readers’ ideas by introducing them to new perspectives.

Video: CitySeed Farmers Market Reopens After Pandemic

CitySeed’s Downtown Farmers Market reopened on the New Haven Green this summer after a closure during the pandemic, with vendors’ booths lined up near City Hall featuring  fresh vegetables, fruits, and handmade soaps. This video was produced by Rodjae Smith, a student at West Haven High School, and Ava Roulier, a student at RHAM High School in Hebron.