College Basketball Teams Score On The Court And The Classroom

There were 11 Division I colleges with perfect Academic Progress Rates in the 2010-2011 seasons. Of those, only Butler University, the University of Kansas and Notre Dame had any NCAA tournament success. Some people might think that players on high-performing teams would have lower grades, but statistics show otherwise.  The average APR score for the Associated Press top five teams was 956.6 in 2010-2011. The average rate for the bottom five teams was 964.2. That means there was only a slight difference between the top five and bottom five.

Profile: Talon’s Career Goal Is Sports Writing

Talon Cooper may look like the average kid from New Haven, but he has already traveled to Australia, New Zealand and Italy. Cooper went to those countries and more with the People to People Ambassador Program from age five. But his favorite location may surprise you. It’s Martha’s Vineyard. “Martha’s Vineyard is beautiful, and I just love Massachusetts,’’ he said.

Profile: Mahleik A Future Footwear Designer

At 16, Mahleik Crawford of Hartford has already earned more than $600 – selling sneakers to Connecticut teens. It’s the love of sneakers that pushed Crawford to start his own business, and he admits he “likes to make money,’’ too. He sells much of his merchandise through social media, using Instagram, Facebook and good old fashioned word of mouth. He also likes to design his own footwear and hopes to some day have investors to back him to market his own brand of sneakers. He hopes to work with either Nike or Adidas.