New Haven’s Graduation Rate Improves, Sound And Co-Op Are Tops

When it comes to graduation rates in New Haven – the Cooperative High School and the Sound School are tops – with graduation rates over 90 percent in 2012, according to data provided by the New Haven Public Schools. Overall the city’s high school graduation rate increased six percentage points to 70.5 percent in 2012, the data shows. And at the same time the dropout rate fell by 4.2 percentage points to 21 percent, according to the data. The graduation rate at Wilbur Cross High School improved the most by 10 percentage points in just one year from 60 percent to 70 percent.   For the past 5 years graduation rates at the Sound School have remained steady — hovering around 90 percent each year.

Profile: Tiara Is The Dancing Teen

Tiara McFadden dreams of becoming a pediatrician, lawyer and space scientist, but she’s a dancer at heart. Since she was five years old, Tiara has been taking dance classes at Karar Praise Dance Studio in New Haven before taking a two-year hiatus.  After that, she took to the dance floor again and now attends the Hamden Academy of Dance. Tiara, 15, of New Haven, has many different favorite styles of dance including lyrical, tap, jazz, multi-cultural and hip hop.  Though some students prefer following the instructor exactly, Tiara disagrees and prefers following her own style. “It’s better to do your own style, not with the group, because your style shows who you are and gives more personality,” Tiara said. Tiara Nigee McFadden was born on July 25, 1998 in Derby.