Nursing Homes Cited After Resident’s Suicide, Lapses In Care

Five nursing homes have been fined at least $1,000 by the state Department of Public Health (DPH) in connection with lapses in care, abuse of one resident and a resident who committed suicide. The largest fine—$3,000—was levied on Cheshire Regional Rehab Center in connection with four residents who said they faced delays in receiving incontinent care. In one case, in October, a resident was placed in a wheelchair and was not changed for 10½ and hours, when incontinent care is supposed to be provided every two to three hours, the citation said. Ben Atkins, chairman of the home’s parent company, Traditions Senior Management of Clearwater, Fla., disagreed with the length of the waits, but added, “People shouldn’t have to wait.”

The citation also involved a resident who complained in October about being left in a shower for nearly an hour. The resident banged on pipes to call for help because an emergency call system was not within reach, DPH’s citation said.