Nursing Homes Fined Following Resident Sexual Assault, Falls, Medication Error

Six nursing homes have been fined by the state Department of Public Health (DPH) for violations that endangered or injured residents. Apple Rehab West Haven was fined $6,960 after a resident reported being sexually assaulted by a visitor. On Oct. 2, 2018, a licensed practical nurse (LPN) saw the resident and a male visitor naked in the resident’s room, and the resident told the LPN they’d just had sex, according to DPH. The LPN asked the resident several times if she was alright and the resident replied that the male was her boyfriend.

Farmington Nursing Home Fined $9,060; Four Others Cited

Five Connecticut nursing homes have been fined for violations that jeopardized residents’ safety. The state Department of Public Health (DPH) fined Amberwoods of Farmington $9,060 following an incident in which a resident threatened to slit another resident’s throat with a butter knife. On Feb. 6, a resident with dementia and depression entered another resident’s room with a knife and made a threatening gesture to cut the resident’s neck with a butter knife and drink the blood, according to the DPH citation. A nurse aide in the room tried to take the knife but the resident put the knife under a cushion.

Four Nursing Homes Fined

Four Connecticut nursing homes have been fined more than $1,000 each in connection with incidents involving residents who sustained dramatic weight loss, dehydration, cuts and broken bones. Maefair Health Care Center of Trumbull was fined $1,300 and was cited in connection with a case involving a resident with dementia who fell to the floor from a wheelchair on July 27. The resident received four stitches for a facial cut and was hospitalized for a possible cervical fracture, an Oct. 10 citation from the state Department of Public Health said. The home was cited for not following its care plan, which required that the resident only be seated in an upright position during lunch and dinner, records show.