State Recovers $8.7 Million, Health And Accident Insurance Complaints Top List

Consumers with health and accident insurance complaints were among the top beneficiaries of the $8.7 million recovered by the Connecticut Insurance Department for policyholders and state taxpayers in 2012, the state agency announced Thursday. More than half of the $4.1 million recovered for policyholders by the Department’s Consumer Affairs Unit – a total of $2.1 million – stemmed from consumer complaints over health and accident insurance with unfair claims practices leading the list of offenses by insurance carriers. The Department’s Market Conduct division levied more than $4.6 million in fines against carriers with the money going back to the state General Fund. The fines resulted from various violations and settlements from untimely claim payments to improper licensing. The state’s Consumer Affairs Unit fielded more than 6,100 complaints and inquiries in 2012, including 2,143 from residents with questions about health and accident insurance.