Med Board Modifies License Restriction Placed On Psychiatrist

The State Medical Examining Board on Tuesday voted to allow a Trumbull psychiatrist, who was disciplined eight years ago in an unusual case, to practice in a health care facility on a limited basis. The board took the action in the case of Liane Leedom, who was sanctioned for allowing her then-husband to practice medicine without a license. Her ex-husband was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison and five years’ probation for posing as a doctor and sexually assaulting women at the clinic where Leedom was medical director. Leedom now maintains on her website that she was a victim of her ex-husband’s actions as a “con artist.”

Leedom had sought the change in a state order because she has been offered a part-time position seeing patients in a facility where the supervising physician may not always be there, state Department of Public Health records show. The change made by the board will allow her to work when other licensed health care providers will be present.