Med Board Disciplines Doctor, Rejects Request To Lift Restriction On Pulmonologist

The state Medical Examining Board Tuesday placed a Westport doctor on probation for abusing alcohol and continued a requirement that a Woodbridge pulmonologist who had sexual contact with two women during medical exams have a chaperone present when examining female patients. The board unanimously rejected a request from the pulmonologist, Dr. Sushil Gupta, that the chaperone requirement be dropped. His lawyer, James Biondo of Stamford, wrote to the board that the restriction was keeping Gupta from gaining privileges at a hospital. Biondo wrote that Gupta will never stop using a chaperone even if the restriction is lifted because Gupta “will forever be at risk for a predatory patient given his history.”

At the meeting, Biondo said Yale New Haven Hospital and Griffin Hospital have rejected Gupta’s request for privileges, creating a hardship when Gupta’s patients are hospitalized. Over the objections of state Department of Public Health lawyers, the board reinstated Gupta’s medical license in 2013 and placed it on probation for one year.

Over State Objections, Med Board Reinstates Pulmonologist’s License

Over the objections of the state Department of Public Health, a divided state Medical Examining Board Tuesday reinstated the medical license of a Woodbridge pulmonologist who had inappropriate sexual contact with two women during medical exams in 2004. The board voted 11-5 to reinstate the license of Dr. Sushil Gupta but also placed his license on a one-year probation. Gupta will be required to have a female chaperone present during any treatment of a female patient and will have to hire a doctor to monitor his practice. The board also ordered Gupta to have each female patient answer a questionnaire about his treatment of them,

DPH had objected to the reinstatement but asked if the license were to be reinstated, then Gupta should only be allowed to care for male patients. “We suggested adding layers of protection because we feel the risk [to the public] remains real,’’ DPH staff attorney David Tilles told the board.

Pulmonologist Who Molested Patients To Get Hearing On License Reinstatement

A Woodbridge pulmonologist who lost his medical license for inappropriate sexual contact during the medical exams of two women has been granted the right to a hearing on whether his license should be reinstated. The state Medical Examining Board voted Tuesday to hold a hearing on whether Dr. Sushil Gupta should be allowed to practice medicine. Gupta, who has not practiced for the past seven years, apologized in writing to the board and the women in November when he asked for his license back. He also wrote that he had completed courses on “professional boundaries” and would not see any female patients without a chaperone. State records show he has been helping to run the business side of the Hamden Sleep Disorders Center.