Delays Hamper State’s Doctor Discipline Process

When Said Nedlouf’s wife, Mary, was terminally ill with metastatic breast cancer in late 2006, Nedlouf was willing to do anything to save her.  He found Dr. Jarir Nakouzi in Bridgeport, a homeopathic doctor who said he could cure Mary’s cancer. During Nakouzi’s treatment of Mary, her husband racked up over $40,000 in charges.  The treatment — which involved a variety of pills and supplements and “bioresonance” therapy, a technique that measures electrical activity at the skin—failed. In early 2007, Mary passed away at the age of 42. When he sought Nakouzi’s help, Nedlouf’s wife was “in and out of consciousness,” he said in a recent interview. Desperate for a cure at the time, he “didn’t think much.

Pulmonologist Who Molested Patients To Get Hearing On License Reinstatement

A Woodbridge pulmonologist who lost his medical license for inappropriate sexual contact during the medical exams of two women has been granted the right to a hearing on whether his license should be reinstated. The state Medical Examining Board voted Tuesday to hold a hearing on whether Dr. Sushil Gupta should be allowed to practice medicine. Gupta, who has not practiced for the past seven years, apologized in writing to the board and the women in November when he asked for his license back. He also wrote that he had completed courses on “professional boundaries” and would not see any female patients without a chaperone. State records show he has been helping to run the business side of the Hamden Sleep Disorders Center.