State Lags In Disability Compensation For Veterans

More than 20,200 Connecticut veterans are receiving disability compensation for injuries and illnesses connected to their military duty, with those living in New London County more likely to be receiving benefits than their peers in other parts of the state, according to data obtained from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.But statewide, Connecticut has one of the lowest percentages in the country of veterans who are receiving disability compensation – a lag that veterans’ advocates blame on inadequate outreach that may be depriving thousands of potential recipients, many of whom now rely on state resources, of federal dollars they are entitled to receive.

Vet Groups Want Answers To ‘Wrongful’ Discharges

While the number of veterans discharged for “personality disorder” has dropped dramatically in the last two years, the numbers of service members diagnosed with adjustment disorder has climbed, leading veterans’ groups to charge Wednesday that the military may be playing a shell game to deny benefits to combat veterans.