Football, Lacrosse Account For Most Concussions Among Players

Anytime a high school athlete steps on the field, there is a 5-10 percent risk that he or she will sustain a concussion, according to data from the Sports Concussion Institute. In fact, 53 percent of high school athletes have sustained a concussion before they even play a secondary school sport, putting them more at risk for serious injury if they sustain another concussion. Out of all high school sports, football and lacrosse account for the most concussion rates among males and females, with females twice as likely to sustain concussions, the data shows. Football accounts for 64-76.8 percent of all concussions in males and lacrosse accounts for 31-35 percent of all concussions in females. Dr. Patrick Carroll of Hartford Hospital, said, “The total number of concussions has increased not only because injury, but also because of the number of people recognizing the symptoms.”

In the last three years there’s been an effort in Connecticut and other states to train coaches, players and parents to spot concussions and take players out of games.