Plastic Surgeon Fined $10,000, Placed On Probation

A plastic surgeon who had previously been fined $29,000 for sloppy record-keeping and rusty and dirty equipment at his Westport clinic was fined $10,000 on Tuesday by the state Medical Examining Board in connection with a 2009 rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Joel B. Singer also had his medical license placed on probation for two years. Under the memorandum of decision approved by the board, Singer must hire a licensed physician to monitor his practice and take courses in medical ethics, informed consent and medical record keeping. Singer’s lawyer, Mary Alice Moore Leonhardt of Hartford, had strongly objected in writing to the penalty, calling it “harsh,” “draconian” and inconsistent with recent penalties the board had imposed on other doctors. “The material facts of whether [Singer] can practice with skill and safety are not in issue and have never been an issue,” Leonhardt wrote.