UConn Teams Exceed NCAA Academic Requirements

The University of Connecticut’s football and men’s basketball and women’s basketball teams are among many teams at the university that have performed above the required NCAA Academic Progress Rate. The football and men’s basketball teams both have improved their APR scores in recent years. The women’s team has repeatedly scored well off the court while also winning national championships. The men’s basketball team earned an NCAA Public Recognition Award for posting a perfect 1000 single year APR score in the 2017-2018 year, UConn Today reported. The football team has had a steady improvement in the last five years in its multi-year APR score, with it starting at 960 in 2013-2014 and increasing to 981 for 2017-2018, according to The New Haven Register.

Tennis Surfaces Affect Injuries

The type of surface a tennis player plays on affects the chances and types of injury or lingering pain. Out of the three, hard court surface could cause the most damage to your body. “My personal experience has shown that hard courts are tough on the joints, just from the lack of give,” said Donna Doherty, the former editor in chief and vice president of Tennis Magazine. There are three main playing surfaces in tennis — clay, hard court, and grass. Clay courts are made from crushed brick.

Coaching The Coach To Spot Concussions

When Rich Angarano’s players hit the football field this season, not only will he be watching their tackles, passes and touchdowns, but for signs that a player should be pulled from a game following a hard hit to the head.