Zoom Disruptions On Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, Will They Continue Or Changed?

During its Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, Common Ground High School’s Zoom meeting was disrupted by student trolling. To gain insight into the disruption, the Journalism Class at Common Ground interviewed Sharyn  Lopez, the high school’s student engagement and out of school activity manager. “[Distance Learning] requires us to be our best selves, and this [meeting] was not a moment when we were our best selves,” Lopez said. “The focus was taken away. It became centered on the [disruptors] sense of entitlement.’’

Lopez described what happened on Oct.

Hispanic Heritage Zoom Assembly Disrupted

A virtual celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month was disrupted with a series of chats and music blaring as presenters attempted to speak. From the start the chat, which was for answering questions, sharing information and providing a vehicle for students’ feedback, took an ugly turn. Users sent a series of smiley faces, and before long lots of spam chats including some with profanity were showing up on the Zoom screen – a distraction for everyone in attendance for the celebration. The chat function was disabled. But once the chat was disabled, another issue occurred.