Toomey Aspires To Be An Actor – Or Maybe A Journalist

Coleman Toomey, 17, of Tolland, is passionate about theater and art but understands that it is a very competitive industry. So, Toomey is attending C-HIT’s journalism program not only because they are interested in the storytelling aspect, but also to see if this is something they can see themselves studying in college. As of now, musical theater is what Toomey, who uses they/them pronouns, is most interested in, though artistically Toomey sometimes feels like they are pulled in a lot of different directions because of how many different things they enjoy. Toomey, who lives with their mother and sister, aspires to be proficient in various areas of English due to the competitive nature of the theater industry. “I don’t want to be a waiter for the rest of my life,” Toomey says.