3 thoughts on “Colleges Scramble To Meet Soaring Demand For Anxiety, Depression Counseling

  1. Start up compulsory service for ALL 18 year olds for 3 years in the armed forces, no deferrals, no exceptions. Time to put the phones and computers away and learn how to be men and women. 18 years old is too young to go to college, that can happen when they are out of the service when 22 years old. All people would be physically and psycologically examined prior to entering the service to see if you’re fit for duty. This alone would go a long way to get help to those who need it BEFORE they become the next mass shooter. This would also level the playing field as to who defends the country, traditionally done by the poor, to include everyone. That would put our politicians skin in the game as they would think a little bit harder when deciding to send our military overseas when it includes thier family members.

  2. As a masters level clinician, I believe that a positive attitude about the future is essential to well being. Since we do not know what tomorrow will bring, believing that good things will happen is essential. I believe everybody knows why they feel the way they do on some level, and encourage people to count their blessings on a daily basis. We all have more going for us than we may realize, especially when we are clouded with the unknown. We have he ability to craft the future we seek, especially is one is fortunate enough to be enrolled in college. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, it ma be better than you can imagine!

  3. How about offering Mindfulness Classes which would include the latest findings from neuroscience and the study of happiness. Offer this for credit as a life-long skill.