4 thoughts on “Bed Bugs: Our Creepy, Pervasive And Expensive Problem

  1. “Ick!” factor aside, this is a great article — well-researched, factual, very readable. I’d love to see this author take on the issue of head lice….

  2. Wow!! Very interesting article about what has clearly been a very unpublicized issue!

  3. Impressively researched and written. I’ve been told that in certain areas the bed bug problem has been exacerbated by people who rent out their homes to transients (similar to hotels)!

  4. Great article! You wrote something that a lot of people don’t know about at all. It’s the biting myth you stating…

    “Two things bed bugs do not do: They do not bite—they have a beak through which they suck blood, feeding off of us for three to 15 minute sessions before scurrying off. (They inject an anesthetic, so people don’t feel the “bite.”)”

    You are exactly right. They don’t bite. In my opinion their vampires… they suck blood. Isn’t it amazing that they are nocturnal and drink blood. lol Any way, thanks for the article. Very informative.