One thought on “Pentagon’s Effort To Prevent Sex Assaults Is Lacking, Report Says

  1. That was a wonderful article, Peggy. Have you ever thought about examining how severely the pendulum has swung t0 the other extreme (as is often the case with such a reactionary DoD), and cost innocent people their freedom? As a survivor of Military Sexual Assault I certainly want to see justice done, but not at the expense of an innocent person.

    I recently came to know Lisa Silva, a Vice-President of Save Our Heroes. SOH’s mission is to seek representation and exoneration for those who SOH has been able to show have been falsely accused. While they appear to be coming toward a similar goal from the other side of the argument, many of their goals are congruent with those organizations comprising MSA survivors: Justice for everyone involved in military jurisprudence.

    I have added their website for your perusal, and hope you find it intriguing enough for a follow-up.