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Youth Gun Violence Continues To Plague Hartford


It was a frigid evening in Hartford on Feb. 7, 2007. The sun was just beginning to wink below the horizon. Deanna Pugh, 45, of Enfield, stepped out of her family’s car in front of Reyes Grocery to have a cigarette. She didn’t want to smoke in the car with Cyncere Preston, her seven-year-old granddaughter, because Cyncere had asthma. Continue Reading →

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Teens In Need Of Mental Health Counseling Rise In California


Eighteen-year-old Norco High School graduate Julia Schemmer of California reports from the red carpet, took over 12 Advanced Placement and Honors courses and runs three non-profit organizations. No one could guess from her social media pages, filled with pictures of her on various adventures or travels, that she had faced any mental health issues during high school. (more…) Continue Reading →

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