The former Baltic Mills complex in Sprague, now a brownfield site.

Toxic Sites: Hazardous, Hard To Develop

Since 1994, close to $60 million has been spent by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help rid communities of so-called brownfield sites, including close to $12 million for removing or containing pollutants. But to date only 19 have been completely cleaned and the cases closed, according to the EPA, hardly making a dent in a vast inventory estimated to be in the thousands.

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SustiNet: As Debate Intensifies, Stakes Rise

When legislators and policymakers talk about saving money on health care in Connecticut, Praveen Dhulipalla gets nervous. Eighteen months ago, he opened the Waterbury Pharmacy on East Main Street in the heart of the city’s downtown. The independent pharmacy—one of about 100 in the state—caters to senior citizens and the growing Hispanic population.

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End Stage Cancer: Treatment Varies

A national study of Medicare patients with cancer found big differences among hospitals and regions when it comes to how those patients spend the final weeks of their lives – and the same is true in Connecticut, on a smaller scale.